Making a video out of text

Recently I discovered an interesting site that will take plain text and help you make a video out of it.  The tool takes in whatever text you enter, converts it from text to speech, and then syncs a generated cartoon video in time to the speech.  I found this mesmerizing.  My mind flashed to the IRC quotes database that I set up years ago and had a small trickling in of content.  “What if I took a funny quote out of there, of decent length, and converted it to video?”, I murmured to myself.  With these careless thoughts, I was driven to pursue the project.

I chose this quick quote off my quotes database, as it was mostly my nutty banter and wouldn’t incriminate others as much.  After creating an account on Xtranormal, I started pasting in the lines for the two characters it limited me to.  Upon the first play, it was less than ideal, plus it only had a static camera angle.  This just wouldn’t do for a quick test of mine.  I threw myself into editing text so the text to speech worked better.  Once it played in a fairly respectable fashion, I started looking at camera angles.  There were quite a few to choose from and I tweaked it all until I was happy, though I have no idea if it was good or not.  Then facial expressions and body language came into play.  I added air quotes, hands on hips and even some devil’s horns.  Awesome.  A few more edits and rendering and I shared it with #orlug with limited viewing and mild success.

Overall, it was a fun project, and I found the tool very versatile, especially considering it was free.  I can’t wait to do some more with a bit better content and animation.  Below is the embedded Youtube upload of the video I created.  Welcome to the future.


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