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Filling your mind with Podcasts

Over the years, podcasts come and go.  You find your niche and stick with it.  Though every so often you get jolted back from your comfortable existence when you are informed of a special podcast that captivates and entertains you.  … Continue reading

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My first batch of homebrewed beer

Several months ago, I started expressing interest to my wife about brewing beer at home. I mentioned this in full ignorance, unaware of the process or joys that can be had with this hobby. The only experience I had was … Continue reading

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Wishing for more of the suite life

As my three kids get older, it is increasingly more expensive to travel. It’s not just because they want to do more exciting things, which of course they do. It is not just because they eat more as they get … Continue reading

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A whole new world

It has been years since I first setup as a personal playground.  Originally I limped along on the and 3rd level dynamic domains, but over time they went away and became too unreliable. was born in … Continue reading

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Funny Unix commands

When you have been doing Unix systems administration for several years, you start to gather a stash of comical commands that get passed around from sysadmin to sysadmin. The torch is passed between the old and the new, the torch … Continue reading

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