Around the Borked Universe

Over the years, the Universe has expanded to a fine collection of sites.  Listed below is a semi-comprehensive list of other points in the overall Universe.  Enjoy them at your own risk.

  • The Videogamer – my blog focusing on various video games and community around such
  • The #orlug site – pages dedicated to the #orlug IRC channel on
  • IRC quotes database – memorable quotes from several communities
  • Gallery sites – though they aren’t listed publically, there are several community members that enjoy a picture gallery within the Borked Universe.

Partner sites/links outside of the Borked Universe:

  • NES Central – The home of all that is good and pure about the NES gaming console and the games that made it a gem.
  • Why we ride motorcycles – Ivan Chadwick’s essay on why we enjoy doing this sometimes dangerous activity.  Very good read.

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