ZG1000 repair log

Major list of modifications and repairs made to my 1986 Kawasaki Concours. Listed newest to oldest. I seem to have a habit of doing major repairs in the spring before the year hits for serious trips.


Current status (06/24/2016): Sold!

Front caliper rebuilds (planned)
Front sintered brake pads (planned)

Winter 2014/15 (30k):
Oil change
K&N filter clean and oil

Fall 2014 (29k):
Clutch fluid flush (was acting up)
Avon Roadrider AM26 rear tire (previous one lasted 8k, got a flat)

Summer 2014 (28k):
Coolant bottle relocated to right side cover with Ninja 250 parts [pic]
Valves adjusted
Coolant fan switch replaced (root cause of overheating issues)

Spring 2014 (28k):
Radiator cap
Coolant flush and replacement

Winter 2013:
LED side lights (“eagle eyes”) [pic]
Pulse coil replacement (used, seems to be the root cause of the shutdown issues when hot, instead of the CDI, coils, j-box, switches, etc)

Summer 2013 (27k):
Larry Buck J-Box rebuild
CDI (igniter) replacement with used

Spring 2013 (26k):
EBC rear kevlar brake pads
Snarf’s light mounts
LED driving lights [pic]
Spiegler braided clutch line installed
Clutch master cylinder rebuilt
Headlight wiring harness installed
Emgo rear clear turn signal lenses installed
Headset adjusted
APE manual cam chain tensoner installed (automatic one broke)
Left mirror replaced
Chassis lubed
Upper chassis zerk fittings replaced with 90 degree

Winter 2012:
Larry Buck tailbrights installed

Summer 2012:
Throttle cables replaced (broke, and the story behind it)
KB fork brace
2002 seat installed
Right mirror replaced (dropped)
Snarf’s block off plates

Spring 2012 (23k):
SiSF carb service with 2 minute mod and overflow tubes
K&N air filter
Spiegler braided brake lines
Powerlet plug in left pocket
Spark plug wires and boots replaced
Murph’s side cover knobs
LED dash lights

Fall 2011:
Carb rebuild kits
Carb fuel rail kit

Spring/Summer 2011:
Forks rebuilt with new seals and wipers
New grips
Coolant hoses replaced
New water pump

Summer 2010 (21k):
Avon Roadrider AM26 tire set
Bikemaster TruGel battery installed

Spring 2010:
Speedometer cable

Purchased: April 2010

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