About the Borked Universe

Many years ago, centuries in internet time, there arose a need to have a customized domain on my part.  Monolith (ml.org) had died, and dhs.org didn’t feel like it was cutting it anymore.  This was still a time of growth for the internet.  A time where I hosted all of my various sites and mail off of a 768/128kbps DSL line from home.

It was time for a change.

After much deliberation, borked.us was born from the womb of the GoDaddy.  Initially it was just a domain to play around on.  Email accounts were created, and basic SSI/frames templates were made and crafted.  Over the years, a demand for hosting sub-domains spawned, and with them, instances of Gallery.  Thus spawned the term: The Borked Universe.  A small universe of sites all under the Borked banner.

The growth was too much for the home network, and thus moved to hosting where the Borked Universe has lived ever since.

This current incarnation is the first attempt to run the main Borked site on a CMS solution that I haven’t created myself.  It is currently running on WordPress.

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